What is the Brew Competition Online Entry & Management System?

The Brew Competition Online Entry & Management (BCOE&M) system is a PHP/MySQL powered online application to assist homebrew competition hosts (of the beer variety) to collect, store, and output participant and entry data.

One of the biggest challenges of organizing a homebrewing competition is knowing who has entered what and how many come competition day. BCOE&M provides an online interface to collect this information beforehand and output it to compliant software for use on competition day.

Who Should Use BCOE&M?

Homebrew competition organizers that wish to have an online entry portal that can gather all of the necessary data from participants and their asscoiated entries.

I'm Sold! Where Can I Get It?

BCOE&M is available in two options: Hosted and Download.

Hosted Option

Your competition entry portal, powered by BCOE&M, can be hosted right here on brewcompetition.com! Click here for more information.


The application is available for free from Google Code and SourceForge, ready for installation on your website's server.

Start Using BCOE&M Today!

BCOE&M is an open source program covered under the General Public License (GPL) from the Open Source Initiative.


The full source code is available for free from:

SourceForge Google Code