BCOE&M 2.1.11: Installation Instructions

These instructions are for those who wish to set up BCOE&M on their own web server. Hosted installations follow a different procedure outlined in a setup email subscribers receive after paying for the service.

Step 1: Verify PHP and MySQL Versions

BCOE&M has been tested with PHP version 5.6.X and MySQL version 5.5.X. If you plan on installing on a local server, we recommend downloading and installing Xampp 5.6.23 for your operating system. Xampp, a PHP development environment from Apache Friends, contains the correct versions of PHP and MySQL (via MariaDB) for use with BCOE&M.

Step 2: Set Up the Database

  1. Create a database on your web server. The methodology for creating a database varies from hosting provider to hosting provider, so be sure to consult your provider’s documentation.
  2. Add a user to the database you just created with a secure password. This is usually done via your webserver’s control panel.

Step 3: Configure

  1. Unzip/unarchive the source code package you downloaded from GitHub.
  2. With your favorite text editor (Sublime Text, Notepad++, even plain ’ol Notepad, etc.), open the the config.php file located in the /site/ directory.
  3. Define the $username, $password, and $database variables. You may need to alter the $hostname variable depending upon your server setup. Check your hosting company’s documentation.
  4. Optionally, define the $prefix variable on or around line 109. This is useful if you wish to have separate BCOE&M installations or other applications share the same mySQL database.
  5. If you are installing the application in a sub-folder (e.g., http://www.yoursite.com/subfoldername/), be sure to define the $sub_directory variable.
    1. Note that you will need to alter the .htaccess file as well if using a subfolder.
  6. Make sure the $setup_free_access variable on or around line 125 is set to TRUE.
    1. For security reasons, after finishing setup, be sure to change TRUE back to FALSE and re-upload the /sites/config.php file to your server.
  7. A sample of the configured variables is provided below (the commented lines have been removed to save screen space). This would be for an installation that is housed in a sub-folder. Leave the $sub_directory variable empty if you are not installing in a subfolder – $sub_directory = "";.
    // Configuration for an installation housed in a sub-folder
    $hostname = "localhost";
    $username = "mycleverusername";
    $password = "mysecurepassword";
    $database = "bcoem";
    $connection = new mysqli($hostname, $username, $password, $database);
    $brewing = $connection;
    $images_dir = dirname( __FILE__ );
    $prefix = "bcoem_";
    $setup_free_access = TRUE;
    $sub_directory = "/comp";
    $base_url = "http://".$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].$sub_directory."/";
    $server_root = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'];

Step 4: Upload Files

  1. Using your favorite FTP program, upload the entire contents of the source code folder (including your customized /sites/config.php file) to your web server.
  2. Once that is done, you can now set up your installation.

Step 4: Set Up

  1. Browse to your installation's web address.
  2. You’ll be taken through a series of steps to customize the setup of your installation. DO NOT SKIP THESE STEPS. Vital information is collected that optimize the installation's behavior and display of data.
  3. That’s it! You can now browse to your installation's address, further customize it, and/or distribute the web address to begin collecting participants and their associated entries.
  4. Enjoy your favorite homebrewed beverage. You’ve earned it.

Setup Issues?

There are various reasons why the browser-based setup may not be successful. Below are some troubleshooting steps to take.

Check PHP and MySQL Versions

BCOE&M 2.1.11 has been tested with PHP version 5.6.24+ and MySQL 5.5.42. Make sure you have these versions installed on your webserver.

How do you check your server’s PHP and MySQL version? Simple, use the phpinfo() function.

  1. Create a new blank document in your favorite text editor. Name it php_info.php or similar.
  2. Add the following code to the blank document: <?php echo phpinfo(); ?>
  3. Upload the file to your BCOE&M’s installation root folder.
  4. Browse to the file (e.g., http://www.yoursite.com/php_info.php) and take a look at the results. Specifically, look for the following sections:
    1. PHP Version - should be at least 5.4.X
    2. mysqli - should be at least 5.5.X
    3. session - Session Support should be enabled
  5. PHP's Fileinfo extension must be enabled. If it is not, check the PHP Manual for installation instructions.
  6. Be sure to remove the php_info.php file once you have determined your environment's configuration settings.

Blank Screen

If you encounter a blank screen during the setup process, first, make sure that you have the correct PHP version installed on your webserver. Previous versions do not handle session instantiation effectively for BCOE&M.

If you have verified that your PHP version is correct, the next step would be to perform a “Fallback Installation” - see below.

Fallback Installation (Non-Browser-Based)

It is possible to install an instance of BCOE&M without using the browser-based installation process.

Included in the package download is a subfolder called “sql” that contains an SQL file called bcoem_baseline_2.1.X.sql. This file contains the complete database structure and dummy data to get you up and running. Complete instructions are at the top of the file.

To install the baseline database and dummy data, you will need access to your database via phpMyAdmin or shell access.

Start Using BCOE&M Today!

BCOE&M is an open source program covered under the General Public License (GPL) from the Open Source Initiative.

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The full source code is available for free. See the issues list on GitHub.

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